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15 feet from beauty  
10:23pm 30/06/2008
When you don't do something for a long while you can forget how enjoyable it is. Today everything came together and I got my canoe back on the river. While paddling along I came within 15 feet of a great blue heron. It was amazing.

The bugs were bad, especially the deerflies. I had to wear a hat and a mesh mask to keep them away from my face. I might have looked silly but it saved a lot of irritation.
location: Moira River
music: Sharp Drest - Mochipet
tags: canoe, river
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(no subject)  
06:12pm 10/04/2008
It's incredible to me that there are still people going to bed hungry in Canada. How can we be so rich and so poor at the same time?

Because of my dismay at this I'm now doing a kind of tithing. I don't really work any more and since I can't donate part of my income I donate a portion of what I spend. I kind of keep track in my head how much I am spending in the grocery store and then I spend about 10 per cent more on non-perishable food items and put them in the food bank bin.

It's not much but it makes me feel good.
music: Expectations - Cut Off Your Hands
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It boggles the mind  
08:56am 28/01/2008
The Miss Toronto Tourism beauty pageant has uninvited another former beauty pageant winner as a judge. Because she communicates with the dark side using tarot cards.
location: Toronto
music: Is There A Ghost - Band of Horses
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(no subject)  
02:22pm 26/01/2008
Same pic in colour.
music: Everything's Different - Zeph And Azeem
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(no subject)  
01:25pm 23/01/2008
Up the road from me.
location: Lost Channel Rd
music: 1000 Words - Arthur And Yu
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